Gala 4th of July Celebration
One Nation...Communities United 

4th of July Parade Rules & Regulations

Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Registration Deadline: June 1

  1. COMPLETE and SUBMIT the online registration.
  2. The Union County Veterans' 4th of July Committee, Inc. maintains an insurance policy for public liability insurance to protect themselves against claims by spectators and/or entrants in the parade. Parade participants are not insured for public liability. Each unit is responsible for providing its own general liability insurance.
  3. Throwing candy, prizes, balloons, etc. from a parade unit is allowed but must be done in a manner in which no one will be injured. In the interest of safety, each unit may provide people to walk the edges of the parade route and hand out candy, etc. or toss the candy towards the ground, not directly at people.
  4. Units should be constructed and decorated so that viewing from either side is equally appealing. The entry sponsor's name should be tastefully displayed on both sides of the unit.
  5. There will be no stopping during the parade for photographs or performances as this impedes the flow of the parade. The parade will move approximately 2-3 miles per hour. 
  6. All amplifiers and/or public address systems must be sounded so as to not interfere with other units or bands.
  7. The Union County Veterans' 4th of July Committee, Inc. does not accept the responsibility for traveling, food, or lodging expenses for any entry (unless prior agreements have been made).
  8. The purpose of this parade is to honor veterans. It is not a political event. No political advertising is allowed. No political or campaign materials of any sort, including, but not limited to: wrapped vehicles, posters; handouts; buttons; or other objects or souvenirs may be displayed, used or given out during the parade. No advertising for any political causes is allowed. American Flags may be displayed to honor and commemorate our veterans.  
  9. All For Profit Groups are requested to give a minimum donation of $500 per vehicle/entry to participate.
  10. All Entries participating for a fee MUST provide a written contract to be signed by the committee.
  11. Parade packet information including the lineup will be sent out in mid June.
  12. For more information, or questions, please call 844-VETSDAY (844-838-7329).